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We are the leading Sentiment Analysis Technology in the Hospitality Industry. Olery Sentiment V2 (Fusion of Data) is a software that analyses reviews and evaluates the tone, intent, and emotion within each review. Bringing you previously untouched insights.

How it works

  • Sentiment V2 (Fusion of Data) analyses reviews in 14 native languages. 
  • Two banks of Lexicons identified
    • Positive/Neutral/Negative keywords 
    • Sentiment Ratings Keywords – eg waiter, service 
  • Positive and Negative Sentiment Ratings Keywords converted into a Numerical Score of 1-10
  • Gain actionable insights from your written reviews. 

Boost your Success

Charging of requests are linked to the number of Units per request until a maximum of 100 characters, including Space and Punctuation. 1 unit is equal to 100 characters and example, one request of 60 characters is charged as 1 unit and if you make a request with 200 characters, you will be charged 2 units.

Subscriptions are automatically renewed once you reach 10% of the remaining subscription amount. Example, on a €10,00 subscription, you will be automatically recharged once you have used 2700 Units of your 3000 Units.

Bundle 3k

  • 3.000 units
    (3 thousand)

Bundle 50k

  • 50.000 units
    (50 thousand)

Bundle 300k

  • 300.000 units
    (300 thousand)

Bundle 800k

  • 800.000 units
    (800 thousand)

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